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Curriculum Vitae for Hans Raun Iversen

Born June 27, 1948

Education and Employment:

Master of Theology (cand. theol.) with Gold Medal for Prize Essay in Theology (1976) from University of Århus, Denmark. Dr. h.c. from University of Uppsala January 2012. Associate Professor in Practical Theology, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen.

Academic carrier and experiences:

Assistant Professor and Holder of Research Stipends (kandidat- og seniorstipendiat) at the Institute of Missiology and Ecumenical Theology, University of Aarhus, 1974-1982

Research Associate at Department of Sociology, University of Dar es Salaam, 1977-78

Associate Professor in Practical Theology at University of Copenhagen, since 1982

Director of Department of Systematic Theology, 1987-89, 1991-99, and 2002-2003

Leader of the Research Project Danish Church Sociology, 1983-1986

Leader of the Research Project Folk and Church in Copenhagen, 1986-1991

Leader of the Nordic Research Project Rites of Ordination and Commitment in the Churches of the Nordic Countries, 1998-2004

Leader of the Research Project Studies of the Significance of Religious and Cultural Encounters in Denmark, 2000-2004

Chair of University of Copenhagen's Interfaculty Priority Area in Research in Religion in the 21st Century 2003-2007

Member of Steering Committee for Interdisciplinary Network for Research in Faith and Health 2007

Leader of Centre for Church Research, University of Copenhagen 2011

Advisor for ten completed PhD-projects and six progress, two in Faith and Health.

Member of numerous academic and editorial boards and university and church committees at national and international levels


Selected Publications:

Ånd og livsform. Husliv. Folkeliv og kirkeliv hos Grundtvig og sidenhen, Copenhagen: Anis, 1987

(Spirit and Life-form. The Home, the People, and the Church in Grundtvig and Today)
Pratisk teologi, Copenhagen: Anis 1995 (Practical Theology, with Eberhard Harbsmeier).
Five Recent Papers on Church and Culture in Denmark, Copenhagen: Faculty of Theology, 1998

Leaving the Distant Church. The Danish Experience, Bar-Lev, Mordechai and Shaffir, William (eds.): Leaving Religion and Religious Life, Greenwich Connecticut :Jai Press Inc., 1998, s. 139-158

Dåb og medlemskab i folkekirken, ed. Copenhagen: Anis, 2000 (Baptism and Membership in the National Church of Denmark)

It began in Copenhagen. Junctions in 300 years Indian-Danish Relations in Christian Mission.  Edited with George Oommen, New Dehli: SPCK, 2005.

Gudstro i Danmark, ed. with Morten T. Højsgaard, Copenhagen: Anis, 2005 (Faith in God in Denmark)
Rites of Ordination and Commitment in the Churches of the Nordic Countries, ed., Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Forlag, 2006

Secular Religion and Religious Secularism, A profile of religious development in Denmark since 1968, Nordic Journal of Religion and Society, Nr 2, 2006, Volume 119, p. 75-92 

Grundtvig, folkekirke og mission. Praktisk teologiske vekselvirkninger. Copenhagen: Anis 2008 (Grundtvig, Folk Church and Mission. Practical Theological Interplays)

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