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11 September 2017

Summer University: Making UCHP Relevant to the Outside Community

Summer University

Copenhagen Summer University, for specialists and managers, came to an end the 24th of August. It is a program held partly in order to prove that the research done at UCPH is relevant for the outside community. So, is UCPH still relevant?

The University of Copenhagen held its 7th Copenhagen Summer University program between the 14th and 24th of August welcoming a record amount of attendees.

»We had 320 participants in total: 25 more people than last year. I think this is due to the reasonable price of our courses, and the fact that lifelong learning is on the rise. Companies know it’s an advantage to keep educating their employees and they’re investing in sending them to courses like these.« said Thomas Sønderskov, one of the two senior advisors responsible for the program, to the University Post.

»I had high expectations before I came here. I looked at the list of presenters and it was a very good list: there were lecturers who came from UCPH, but there were also people from big medicinal companies,« explained Gitte Esmann, global market access manager at Lundbeck (a medicinal company), who attended the course Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products.

The preliminary work for Copenhagen Summer University 2018 has already begun, and hopes are high for the coming program.

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