08 January 2018

Mind the Gut

Brain and Bowel

Have you ever wondered how your mental wellbeing is affected by your intestinal flora? Take a deeper look into the mysterious connections between the mind and the gut, and explore your self-perception in the light of science, art and cultural heritage.

The exhibition Mind the Gut examines exactly this conundrum that has puzzled scientists, spirituals and Sunday drivers for millennia. Through a unique and intricate mix of science, art and everyday lifestyle trends the exhibition sheds light onto the complex relationship The Swallow and the Squeeze’, produced for Mind the Gut and directed by Guston Sondin-Kung, with costume design by Mira Vinzents.between the mind and the gut.

Mind the Gut integrates art, cultural heritage and cutting edge bio medicinal research in the pursuit of challenging our perception of ourselves as humans. Thus the exhibition allows cultural reflection, encourages debate and gives food for thought.

In 2015 the team behind the exhibition won the Bikubenfonden exhibition prize Vision. It is awarded to the most visionary exhibition idea that is based in the arts and exhibits contemporary relevance. This prize allowed the realization of the exhibition which is located at the Meidcal Museion – a combined museum and research unit at the University of Copenhagen.

Visit Mind the Gut at the Medical Museion during the museum’s opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday to Sunday 12pm – 4pm. Visit the webpage and read more about Mind the Gut here.