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Meet alumni and students

Below we present a number of alumni who have moved abroad - to research, to advance their career or pursue projects and dreams.
"Seize the opportunity!" They say unanimously about the international perspective that can bring you far from family and friends, but expands the spectrum of career opportunities significantly.

Hans Christian Drost

"From the time I started University, I knew I wanted to do something with banking in an international setting."

Meet Hans Christian Drost, Cand.polit 1977, former Bank Manager Frankfurter Bodenkreditbank.

Torsten Schultz Larsen

"If you want a career abroad, just get going!"

Meet Torsten Schultz-Larsen, Cand.scient in biochemistry 2008, PhD Student at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK.


Martine Zeuthen

"I put a lot of effort into networking and connecting other people to each other. If you help other people this way, then someone will help you too some day".

Meet Martine Zeuthen, Cand.scient.anth 2009, research anthropologist in Integrity Research & Consultancy in London.

Morten Øland

"It’s definitely the general things from my education that I use, such as the analytic skills that one achieves".

Meet Morten Øland, Cand.mag in Film Studies 2004, PR & Communications director at Vipp Inc., New York, USA.

Rune Skjoldborg Madsen

"The line between studying and working isn’t as sharp, which means that there are a lot of companies that are willing to hire you when you have finished your education".

Meet Rune Skjoldborg Madsen, BA in Film and Media studies 2008, Masters student at Tish School of the Arts and intern at New York Times.