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  • 2017.06.16

    UCPH part of the world's top-10% universities

    Rankings — UCPH is placed well on the new QS World Rankings in spite of a drop in five places worldwide and two places in Europe. »

  • 2017.05.30

    The First Lady

    Monumental — Inge Lehmann never received the same recognition at home in Denmark that she did abroad. Now, the woman who discovered that the Earth has a solid core has become the first woman has been given the place she »

  • 2017.05.30

    Taking the supernatural seriously (academically speaking)

    Ontologi — Should anthropologists take shamans, spirits and other supernatural phenomena seriously? For some, the idea is absurd, but, as University of Copenhagen anthropologist Morten Axel Pedersen explains, it might »

  • 2017.01.24

    Maersk Tower Inauguration

    . The tower will expand and enhance the field of Danish, medical research. The 75 meter high tower will house six different research groups along with facilities for lectures and studying. All the facilities are on the »

  • 2016.12.21

    Big Ben

    It is 65 years since Ben Mottelson arrived in Denmark, and a further 25 since he was born in Chicago, USA. While his father was a practical man, Ben proved to have remarkable talent for abstract thought. For one of his »

  • 2016.12.14

    Whale shark genetics revealed by water samples

    The new environmental DNA method is a breakthrough in the study of marine animals and it does not require an encounter with and direct sampling of the animal itself. Genetic variation in the DNA fragments isolated from »

  • 2016.12.14

    The big move - inside the new KUA3 buildings

    “A good study environment is about foundations, but also about what the students do. How do they make their voices heard. It is always tough with these kinds of processes that stretch out over long years. Now everything »

  • 2016.12.14

    The morning view of a polar researcher

    When station manager Casper T. Christiansen of the Arctic Station in West Greenland gets up in the morning and looks out to the east, his view is the picture above. At the end of October there was a huge iceberg off the »